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About Me

Thank you for visiting DGE Handmade Pipes & Manly Things.

My products are not meant to be works of art.  If you buy a pipe I would expect to see it out on a fishing trip or smoked on the job.  The pens are meant to be used regularly.  Shaving brushes, well use as much as you have to.  The point is I make products to be used, not looked at.  The functionality is what I concentrate on, not making a museum piece.   Not one customer has yet complained of quality.

  My first adventures in wood turning was making pens.  One day, I looked at a couple of under performing corn cob pipes, and wondered what would happen if I removed the shanks and stems and replace them with hand turned shanks from various hardwoods and fitted them with a Vulcanite stem.  Well, I ended up with a corncob pipe with the smoking characteristics of a briar pipe.

After "retirement" I tried my hand at making briar pipes.   I had a couple of true friends try them. I say true friends because these guys would not let me continue if I could not make a fine smoking pipe.

I started doing shaving brushes because I felt I deserved a high quality AAA badger hair brush. As a friend put it, shave less, but shave better.

I can often be found hanging out at Pipe Smokers Dens ( join us and talk pipes, tobacco  other smoking related topics and general BS.  A veritable font of knowledge and tomfoolery. 

I post new listings to my Facebook page. Like me on FB and get notified when I list new products.

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