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Replacement Falcon/Viking Bowls

These bowls are made to fit Falcon and/or Dr Grabow Viking stems. They are made from briar, Missouri Meerschaum bowls and various other suitable woods. The bases are not threaded, but are grooved to accept an "O" ring which screws into the humidome. Each bowl ships with a spare "O" ring.The Danco #15 rings are available at Home Depot and ACE Hardware among other places. If the Danco brand is not available, look for these measurments: OD = 1'', ID = 3/4'', thickness = 1/8''.The listings are for the bowls only. Photos of complete pipe is for illustration only. The photos of the corncob bowls are generic photos. There may be minor variations. The photos of the briar and other hardwood bowls are of the actual bowl. When seating the bowls on the base, be firm, but not overly so. You could snap the bowl base.