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Customer Feedback

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Please use this section to post your feedback on your purchasing experience.


Briar pen

Doug claims that his products are primarily to be used rather than lustfully gazed at. If that's true, why is everyone that comes by drooling over my briar pen? It's not like I let them use it! Heck, they're lucky I let them LOOK at it! This thing stays at home and is never far away from my hand. It replaced my hoity-toity Mont Blanc as my standard "house pen". Takes standard Parker refills, which I can find anywhere. The pen has nice heft and is a beauty to behold, and is as functional as you could want. Excellent pen, and a steal!


Fantastic Experience- the best Pipes ever!!!

Briar Cigar Pen

I ordered the Briar Cigar Fountain Pen and I have to say, I'm impressed. First of all, it shipped and was at my doorstep in 2 days. Second, this pen writes like a much more expensive pen. I can't say enough how impressed I am with writing quality, especially without the high-dollar name attached.

Now, Doug says that his products are made to be utilitarian and he doesn't concern himself with making an aesthetically pleasing product, if that's the case I'd be excited to see what this pen would look like if he had! This pen was surprisingly beautiful when I opened the box, and I've received nothing but compliments.

The only complaint I might have is the fit and finish. By this I mean that the cap has some play when the pen is closed. It still snaps shut securely so leakage is never a concern, but you can feel and hear a little bit of movement.

The writing quality and look of this pen far outweighs that minor flaw however, and I find that the more I write with it, the less I notice it.

Overall, if you're a person who appreciates a fine writing instrument and can't afford a Montblanc or Pelikan, but still wants a pen that will turn heads and writes like a dream, buy this. Hell, even if you can afford those other pens but this one!

Great poker nosewarmer!!!!!!

First of all I purchased this pipe on a Friday evening and received it on Monday morning so very fast shipping!! I immediately loaded it with some of my favorite tobacco and this pipe smokes so good. I think it is in part because of the enormous draft hole, but regardless it's a great smoking pipe. Thank you, Doug! I will surely be buying more pipes.

Country Gentleman Cob Nosewarmer

I love this pipe!!! I'm still fairly new to pipe smoking and cobs are still my "go to" pipes. When I received the pipe, the stem was a little skewed when I inserted it but I didn't care and it didn't affect the way it smoked. I just recently purchased another one as a gift to my uncle. I'm sure he will enjoy it as much as I do. I'll be purchasing a briar later down the road as my skills progress. Thanks Doug for such great products, customer service and extremely speedy shipments.

DGE Briar Cigar Fountain Pen

I purchased this pen to give to my son to commemorate graduating from college this spring, and I couldn't be more pleased.
The wood grain is beautiful, as is the overall workmanship. Balance is as close to perfect as you can get and it offers a most comfortable grip.
This is a fine writer's tool and I know Max will cherish it for many years to come.
Thank you, Douglas, for creating the perfect keepsake for a mother to give her son to acknowledge this important milestone in his life.

DGE Shaving Set

This is not a cheap and shameless plug for DGE. What it is--is a promotion of his items from a totally satisfied customer. Recently I purchased the Cocobollo razor set from Doug. For several years I have had a full beard mainly because I hate to shave. I had issues with finding razors that actually suited me where the end result was NOT ingrown hairs due to actually lifting the hair where it grows back under the skin at a different angle and then gets infected. Severe burn due to the multiple blade super expensive heads that remove skin with the hair. I had an old DE that gave out and broke and then tried a cheap "The One" DE razor from the local WalMart. Well I had kind of given up only trimming my neck and very basic beard maintenance to include grooming and oiling. WELL--I decided on a new look and went to see if the set was still listed on Doug's web site. Low and behold it was so I bought it. This razor and brush set not only looks great but I can tell you it is the most comfortable razor head I have used to date. I cannot say enough good things about these razor and brush sets. Not only has Doug made a super great looking set but these function EXTREMELY well. I would tell anyone--these sets are a VERY classy looking addition to the man who actually wants to shave with tools that function the way a TRUE razor should. His brushes are soft, durable and done VERY well. DGE has ended a multi year search for a classy and functional razor and brush set. ANY of his listed items are worth your time and money to own. I am HIGHLY satisfied with this new razor and brush set. Anyone in search for a great shave with REALLY classy and great function--take a look at:

Falcon 5th Ave Cob

I received my Falcon 5th Ave Cob today and am very pleased with how it smokes. The bowl fits snug to both my Grabow Viking stem and my Falcon stems. I can see this bowl being one I smoke all day everyday. I will be ordering more bowls from Doug in the future. The service was great and there were no hassles. Thanks Doug for all your hard work.

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